Heroes 1x05 Hiros


When a change comes,

some species feel
the urge to migrate.

They call it zugunruhe.

The pull of the soul
to a far-off place.

Following a scent in the wind,
a star in the sky.

The ancient message comes,

calling the kindred to take
flight and to gather together.

Only then can they hope to survive
the cruel season to come.


Peter Petrelli?


Are you doing this?

You look different
without the scar.


- I don't know you.
- Not yet.


My name is Hiro Nakamura.
I'm from the future.

And I have a message for you.

I don't have much time.

I'm risking a rift
just by coming here.

The girl...
You have to save her.

- What girl?
- The cheerleader.

- It's the only way to prevent it.
- Prevent what?



Listen to me. She must live.

The painter, Isaac...
Go to him.

He will know.

When I call you,
you must tell me where we meet.

You told me many times
how lost you felt.

Before it all started.

This...is what you've
been waiting for.

Be the one we need.


Wait! / Save the cheerleader,
save the world!

Wait! Hiro!
I don't understand!


Hiro! Where are you? I...

- I don't understand!
- Peter!

Are you all right?

The cheerleader.


She's got an airway.

- She's breathing.
- She's got circulation.

I'm fine. I just wanna go home.

Looks like she was driving.

- There was a lot of blood in her mouth.
- I don't see anything.

- Is her mother here?
- Claire! Oh, my God. Is she okay?

- Your daughter's gonna be fine.
- Does it hurt?

- They said you're gonna be okay.
- Oh, I'm fine.

- I just wanna go home.
- Sweetie, doctors just wanna
run some tests first.

I'll call your father.
I'll tell him to come.

Crazy bitch.



Do you have any idea who I am?

Better than even you do.

All right, look,
I'll pay you anything, okay? You name it.

We don't want anything. We just need to
know a couple of things. That's all...


That was entirely unnecessary.


You might as well go
ahead and shoot now.

'Cause I'll find you.
And I will kill you.

Unlikely, Mr. Petrelli.

- I've seen your faces.
- That, I'm afraid,
won't be a problem.

Put him down.


HEROES 1x05 Hiros


자막제작 - 네이트 드라마 24 자유제작

조건부 배포 / 수정금지
배포시 자막 출처를 꼭 밝혀주세요






Where is he?

What'd you do with
Mr. Petrelli?


- Who?
- The guy you slept with.

Where is he?

I don't know.


I don't know how I got here.

- I have to call my son.
- Don't even think about it.

Get dressed.

- You're coming with us.
- Leave the lady alone.

If you have a problem,
it's with me.

You have a congressional candidate...
missing from your hotel.

My team's working on it now.

If you'd like to review
the security tapes with us,

you can come with me.




Let's go.


Admirable work, Ms. Sanders.

Feel free to go home,
secure in your solvency.

What did you do to me?

As I saw it,
a lot of things were done to you.

none of them by me.

I left.

I didn't go through with it.

Mr. Linderman
reviewed the tape.

And, needless to say,

he was quite pleased
with your performance.


Either that's you,

or you still owe Mr.
Linderman $50,000.


Go home to your son,
Ms. Sanders.

And tell him that his
mommy doesn't have to worry

about people asking for
their money anymore.



He was right there!

Then he teleported away?


He... he stopped time somehow.

He talked to me.He knew who I was.
He says that we all meet up... somehow.

Sometime in the future,
I guess.

Look, it seems crazy,
but I know what I saw.

He said something bad is gonna happen,
but we could stop it.

First we have to...


save a cheerleader.

A cheerleader?

It seems impossible, I know.

- Impossible? It sounds mad.
- Please, just...

He said that I have to go
to see Isaac the painter.

Okay, he's gonna know what we have to
do. So let's just go back to his loft.

If the answer isn't there,

I promise that I will drive
you to the airport myself.

You can go back to India

and you never have to
hear from me again.

Will you fly me there yourself?


There are no answers.

Go home, Peter.


Someone there has to be able
to do something to find him.


No! He went out on assignment,
and he hasn't checked in since!

I ...

Look, will you just have
Detective McHenry call me.


Never mind. He's home.



Where the hell have you been?

Do you know how worried I was?

I must have drank too much
and passed out on the couch.

Do we have any aspirin?

- Uh...you have been gone for a day.
- What? That's impossible.

No, it isn't, trust me.
I've been awake for every hour of it.

And I called the
precinct a dozen times,

and they said that you were
working with the F.B.I.



That just started.


I was gonna tell you about that,
but, um...

But what?

Where were you?


I was, uh...


- I don't know.
- You don't know?

Do you have any idea what
I've just been through?

I kept picturing you
in a ditch somewhere.

And then every time
the phone would ring,

I'd think it was somebody
calling to tell me that...


I didn't know you
cared that much.

I'm your wife. I always care.


I mean...


It's good that you do, but, you know,
you've barely spoken to me lately.

Except in our therapy
sessions, Janice.

What if something
happened to you?


You worried about me?


That's a good thing.




That hurt more than
I thought it would.


You bastards!
You don't know who you're messing with!

I don't think they
can hear you.

Well it makes me feel better!




Good... I'm starving.

Shut up,
I'm not talking to you.


Do you think they have waffles?

I said I'm not talking to you.

I can't believe
I got beat up because of you.

I've never gotten
beat up before.

I got punched too.

They kept kicking me!


My jaw is clicking,

did it used to click?


Let's just eat then
get the car back, okay?


This is all your fault, Hiro.

All you had to do was stop time,
and we would still have our money.

My fault?

We got beat up because
you made us cheat at gambling.

Using my powers
for personal gain.

- That's the Dark Side.
- Not being broke is the Dark Side?

Oh! Waffle! Yahoo!

I don't know why I'm
on this stupid trip.

I've told you now a hundred times.
To save the world.

"Save the world!"

Don't you ever think
of anything else?

All you've done since you came to
America is complain.

If you're so miserable
here go back to Japan.

I'm not miserable here.

I'm miserable with you!

Then go.

Go gamble and meet girls.

Hang out with your internet
stripper without me if that's what you want.

maybe I will.

- Okay then go!
- Okay...

- I'm not following you.
- Good!

You don't even know
anyone in Las Vegas.

You don't know anyone
in this country.

Yes, I do!


I'll probably save
the world faster now.


All right, I get it.

A guy in his pajamas. Ha ha.

Now, we can all stare
and have a good laugh,

or one of you could lend
me your cell phone.


Can I help you?

I'll take one of
those T-shirts.

And a cup of coffee,
while you're at it.


Okay, so two porterhouse steaks,
both medium rare.

And, um,what sides do you have?


You know,
one of everything's great.

Cool. Thank you. Bye.


Why aren't you at work?


You been, uh...

you been sleeping next to
me all this time, and I...


I miss you.

But I know...

I know you think I'm lazy.

And that I don't
know how to listen.

And all I do is...


Mope. Well, um...


You know what? That's okay.

Maybe you're right.
Maybe I just need to try harder.

- I think we both do.
- Good.

'Cause we're calling
in sick today.

- No. No.
- Oh, yeah.

I got it all planned out.
Just go get dressed.

- I'm dressed!
- No, something nicer.Come on.


Can I help you?

Hiro. Hiro Nakamura.

- Nathan Petrelli.
- Petrelli. Nathan.

- Very nice to meet you.
- Thank you.

Flying man.

Oh... you fly.
I see you. Whhshh!

Thank you.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Oh, it's okay. I keep secret.


I bend time onto space.

Teleport into future.

We are both special.


All righty, then.


Oh, I... I go to New York.
I see future.

Big boom goes there.

Bad for many
people. Boo-khashhh!


I can see where that
might be a problem.

Don't worry.
I stop it.

Am hero.


Lucky us.


Better go.


In this future that you see,

you don't happen to know whether
or not I win the election, do ya?

Yes, um... Petrelli.

Uh-huh. Nathan.

Ah, hai, hai, hai!

Yes! I know you.
Nathan Petrelli.

Election. You win.
Very big win. Landslide.



I gotta get back to Vegas.

Uh, give me ride, please.



Ride. Boo boo.

Well, what the hell?


- What'd you say your name was?
- Hiro Nakamura.

- Where you from?
- Tokyo, Japan.

Ah. Never been there.



Your mother told me you
lost control of the car.


That's what I told
her happened.


Is there something
you want to tell me?


I ran the car into
the wall on purpose.

- You could have killed yourself.
- I wasn't thinking about me.

Well, what were
you thinking about?




You've got to
start trusting me.


I lied to you.

About what?

I lied to you when
I said that...


I lied to you when I said nothing
happened... at the bonfire.

What happened to you?


He tried to...


- He tried to force me.
- The quarterback?

He threw me down,

and I hit my head,
and I woke up somewhere else.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I lied to you.
I didn't know what else to do.

I can't prove anything.;

He was gonna get
away with it again.

I'm not the only one.


Please, you can't say anything.


No one's gonna know.


No one's gonna know a thing.






You doing okay?


- Go away, man.
- Isaac, I need your help.


You need help... ask Simone.

You already took her.

What else do you want from me?


You painted me.

A picture of me flying.

Okay, it happened.
It was real. I flew.


I'm telling you
that I believe you.

That you can paint the future.


So whatever is
happening to you,

it's happening to me too.

And I don't know why,
but I'm supposed to... see you.

You're supposed to
have the answer.

Is that what, um, I sound like?

No wonder she left me.


I don't have any answers.

You're supposed to...
know where I have to go.

See for yourself.


It's her.

The cheerleader.


I'll get it.


Vote Petrelli!

Early and often.


- Oh... up, up, and away.
- Absolutely.


Vroom, vroom!

Move! Get out of the way!


Whoo hoo!


Maybe there're instructions.


It's all English...


Tell Sakamoto I'm back,
and we need to talk.

Yes, sir.


Didn't think I'd see you again.

It's all right,
I'm good, I'm good.

What the hell did you do to me?

I could ask you the same thing.

All I know is that I woke up in your
room somehow, and you were gone.

All you know?
We had a great dinner,then you leave.

You come back and attack me.

I have one of the best
nights of my entire life.

And the next thing you know, somebody's
trying to throw me into a van.

I don't know what
happened last night.

I swear.

All I know is that
when I met you,

I was trying to be
someone I'm not.

And that's not who I wanna be.

Who do you wanna be?

Someone good.


A good mother.


Not the person that
I see in the mirror.


Look, I don't know how much of last
night was an act and how much was you.

The girl I met,

that's the kind of girl you spend
your entire life waiting to meet.

Somebody strong, somebody beautiful,
somebody... good.


I didn't know they were
gonna do anything to you.


They blackmailed me.

Just like they're
gonna blackmail you.


They taped us?


I'm so sorry.




- Is it Christmas?
- No, no, come here.

What is all this?

This is the Shiraz from that
great place in the Sonoma Valley.

Remember we went there
a million years ago,

and you've been thinking about going back?

How do you know that?

And, um, porterhouse steaks
from Mickey's that you craved.

And I'm gonna pretend that, uh,
that I cooked for you tonight.

Oh, and, uh...


Wait, I've had that song
in my head for days.

Oh, I know.


I don't know what to say.


How about, uh...

"Pass the salad."


So, who is she?


That's nice.

What, a guy can't pretend to

cook dinner for his wife without
being accused of cheating on her?

Well, you were missing for a day,
and now this, and...


Okay, sorry.

I thought this was
what you wanted.


Everything I could think of...

you thought of first.

It's our best... date.


It's our only date...
we've had in a long time.

I know.


Okay, you know what?

Let's, um...

let's call this the
first of many to come.


Why, do you have something
planned for tonight?


- Oh, I do now.
- Good.


Hello, Brody.
I'm Claire's father.

I know who you are.
You're the guy I'm gonna sue.

- I'm very sorry about the accident.
- It wasn't an accident.

- What makes you say that?
- Because she crashed my car on purpose.

She's a freak!
She's... not human.

I'd put more stock in her
humanity than I would in yours.

- You tried to rape my daughter.
- I didn't touch her.

Well, it's her word
against yours.

And from my perspective,
she's the more reliable witness.

You don't know your daughter.

I know her better
than even she does.

I don't have to listen to this.




Claire is a very special girl.

It's confusing what's happening to her,

and she doesn't need some punk making
her life any more difficult.

Do you understand me?


I should kill you.

But instead,
I'm gonna do you a favor.

You already threw
away this life.

I'm gonna give you
a second chance.

I'm gonna let you forget all
the terrible things you've done.

And maybe this time,
when you wake up in your new life...


You'll make something
decent of it.




Hollow him out.


Take everything.


This is amazing.

Look, it's telling a story,
like a comic.

This girl, she's...
running and...



Is that me?

Why would I paint you?


These two guys...

I think we're all
trying to help her.



- Who is she?
- I don't know.

Yeah, but you painted these.

I was high, dog.

So what happens next?
Where is she?

I was high!


I could have been clean.

I tore myself apart.

I lost Simone...
to try and find an answer.

How to stop it.

All I got was this garbage.

Some cheerleader.


It's nothing.

I've ruined my
life for nothing.


It's not nothing.


Look, don't you get it?

Everything is connected.
We are all connected.

If this thing that you painted,
this bomb, is true,

we're all dead.

These are the key to saving us.


Something's gonna
happen to this girl.

We need to know what.

You have to finish this. You...

You have to finish
the painting.

Even if I wanted to, I can't.
I'm out of drugs.

I'm out of money to buy drugs.

Can't you just finish
it without shooting up?

If you got some cash on you, man.
That's another story.

We can call it a commission.


- I saw it.
- What?


I saw something in the, uh,
in the canvas. A picture.

This painting...

I can finish it.

- You can paint?
- No.

No, I can't. But...

I drew the future
after I saw you the other day.

It was only stick
figures, but...


It came true.


Hi, Brody.


I know you probably don't wanna see me
right now or hear what I have to say.

But I have to say it.

What you did to me...

what you tried to do,

was wrong.


But what I did to you was wrong too,
and I'm sorry.

I think that everyone deserves a
do-over at least once in their lives.

I... I don't know you.

Who are you?


Brody, it's me, Claire.

Why do you call me Brody?




Where's my son?

Micah! Is he...

Oh, God.

Honey. Honey. What happened?

They showed up a few hours ago.
They're looking for D.L.

I told them you haven't
seen him in months.

- Ms. Sanders?
- Uh-huh?

- Is this your husband, Miss?
- Yeah.

What's going on with D.L.?

Did he try to contact you at
all in the past few days?

- My dad didn't do anything.
- Micah...

I need you to wait with Tina
for another minute, okay?

Ma'am. Your husband was spotted
at a convenience store not far
from here about an hour ago.

- He's here?
- No sign of him yet.

But we got cars hidden around the
block in case he tries to make contact.

D.L.'s been on the
run for six months.

Why haven't you caught him?

We had him in
custody two days ago.

He pulled a Houdini,
slipped out of his cuffs.

D.L. Hawkins is a killer.

He... he has been following me.

- Doing things.
- What sort of things?

Look, if he's here,
and he wants something,

I won't be able to stop him.

- You need to protect us.
- We've got someone coming.

- He's headed for the house.
- Get these people safe.

He's headed for the back door.

Repeat: cover the back door.




Freeze! Hands up! Hands up!




Your men are worried about you,
Mr. Petrelli.

- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.

Though I can't say I'm pleased
with the security situation.

You have the hotel's
sincerest apologies.

Consider your stay on us.

If there's anything else you need,
just ask.

Actually, uh,

I was wondering how
that tape turned out.

Consider it a favor
you'll repay one day.


Or what?


For a man whose campaign is
founded on sound family values,

this could be really
embarrassing for you.

Especially considering
your wife.

On the other hand, that tape really
isn't worth much unless I win, is it?

Why don't you just give
me my four million,

and I'll fly back to New
York and put it to good use?

Our agreement was two million.
It's rather generous.

You know, I thought so too.

And then I thought, "Gee...

it must be pretty important for
Linderman to see me in office

if he's willing to go to this
much trouble to keep me in line."

$2 million makes me a
candidate in your pocket.

Four million makes
me a congressman.


Oh, that was...

Oh. I love you. I love you.

It's like you're in my head.

It's like... Mmm.

I love you.


- What can I get you?
- Nothing.

Just sleep. For a week.


- Coffee ice cream.
- What?

You got it.
Coffee ice cream coming up.


I, um, I skipped lunch.


- Is that the same as...
- Here we go.

Hey, um... You have aspirin?



Security cameras won't see me.


If he makes a move, I'll blow his head off.

Now let me see...

If I eat cookies,
then I'm gonna have to work out.

Clean everything
out of the register.

Probably get a couple
hundred in cash too.



Look, I know why you're here.

And I just wanna
say don't do this.

What the hell do you know?


But I'm a cop.
But I am not armed. Okay?

I just came in here to get
some ice cream for my wife.

But I know what you're
thinking about doing.

And I know that you could...

pull out the gun that
you've got in there,

and you could shoot me.

But then you would be throwing
your life away. And for what?

A couple of 20s in
the register, huh?

Look, I know you're hurting.

But Marie...is waiting for you.
At home, right?

And Vincent's getting
out in a month.

All you have to do is just...

take your hand out of
your jacket pocket...

and put the gun down...

and get out of here.


Oh, my God. Is that a gun?

- What's that guy doing?
- No, no, no, no.


- Why does everybody try to rob me?
- No, I'm a cop.

You do not look like
a policeman to me.

- I can't believe this is happening.
- No, it's okay, I'm a cop.

Oh, my God. This is crazy.

I've gotta get out of here.
I've got kids.

It's okay, I'm a cop.

I just wanna get
out of here alive.




You're Huggerz the guy from Japan?

He's one of my customers.

I run a web site.


How did you find me?

WHOIS database.
You need unlist, maybe.

You shouldn't have come.
I live here.

My kid is in the other room.

What did you think
was gonna happen?

I'm sorry.

We chat so much online,
I thought...

I thought you maybe help me.


You got the wrong girl.

That person that you see on
the Internet, that's not me.

You get the difference, right?

Do you understand?

You want us to take
him in for trespassing?


Just... let him go home.


It was... nice to meet you.



We'll leave a squad car outside in case
your husband decides to show, Ms. Sanders.

Thank you.




I guess...
...we call the artist again.




자막제작 - 네이트 드라마 24 자유제작


- How'd you do that?
- I don't know.


We have to save her.


Ignore it.

It's a wrong number. Some Japanese
guy keeps calling, leaving messages.



Mr. Isaac?

Isaac Mendez?

Who is this?


My name is Hiro Nakamura.


My name is Peter Petrelli.

I have a message for you.


조건부 배포 / 수정금지
배포시 자막 출처를 꼭 밝혀주세요